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Post by ReX on Thu Oct 15, 2015 7:50 pm

- 4X XP
- Cheaper Items
- More Skill Damage
- More Item Charges (Necklace, Helm, etc)
- More Bonuses on dropped crates (more xp, more chance for gold, etc)
- LvL 25 race (MUST pay 2 months of VIP)(LvL 25 race is given only ONCE)
- More Gold
- VIP Status
- Reserved Slot
- Free Grenade Set (HE, 2FB, SG) every round
- Free Defuse Kit, Armor + Helmet every round
- Extra $10 per 1 shot damage
- Extra $300 per kill and $500 per head shot kill
- Extra 10HP per kill and 25HP per head shot kill
- Bullet Damage Shown
- Free AK47 or M4A1 every round ( Deagle included )
- VIP Models for CT and T
- VIP Can ONLY Buy Level 25 Races for $10 USD each

Cost $10.00 USD per month or $70.00 USD permanent

In PayPal please include:
forum/server name
steam id.


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